Dreamscapes (first draft)

(The final draft of this is posted here.)

I close my eyes and soon appear on the other side as my projected self. This is just a test run; I need to see if my new DreamCatcher can produce a satisfactory result.

Hovering hundreds of feet above a vast and desolate ocean, I summon two gigantic monsters. Two reptilian bipedal beasts—magnitudes larger than any creature to ever roam the Earth—slowly rise from the sea. Foamy tidal waves ripple outward as their emergence displaces water. The top halves now above the surface, the monsters begin fighting. Each blow from their massive arms sends seismic waves that bend space. I pull the boundaries of the sea up around us until we are in a giant air pocket within a sphere of water. The space between the two monsters gets more corrupted with each exchange of attacks until a pitch black hole appears amidst the distorted space. The walls of water rapidly condense inwards, disintegrating the monsters and propelling me into the hole. Continue reading “Dreamscapes (first draft)”